Advice and maintenance only for goggles      

             To start, it's important that things are clear

Our advices about use, maintenance and optimization about Masks " Ultimate Edition "  TAÏPAN / NewHope / KAAC and universal Glasses TAÏPAN.

WARNING :  Our masks are not for users who want no maintenance and rules to respect. The thermal screen is the most efficient system on the market today to delay fogging. Because it is the most effective, it is the most technical and therefore fragile. Which means that the screen needs to be properly maintained with a few rules to follow, but it's not rocket science.

What is a Thermal screen :

Explanation and schematic here

Maintenance instructions to be strictly adhered for optimizing performance and comfort :

Start by removing the yellow film on the inner lenses (using a tweezers by the edges).

Warning : Do not allow your nails or other sharp objects to drag on the internal glasses because they are not treated scratch-resistant. They are very fragile. ( The thermal screen's intern lens can not be treated scratch-resistant because it is extremely thin for the better efficiency of the thermal bridge break ).

Do not forget to clean your lenses after removed the yellow film even for the very first use.

The Most important for you : What you should remember to have the best performances in play with the ULTIMATE EDITION TAÏPAN / NewHope / KAAC and ensure its Perenniality:

The 4 golden rules ( 2 universal laws, 2 laws on thermal mask technology ) 

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THE VICIOUS SPIRAL of thermal technology ( dual lens ) :

It is important and essential on a thermal screen, to know how to partition the temperatures :

Indeed, the goal of the game here is to keep a warm temperature on the internal glass and therefore inside the mask, and to leave the outside cold temperature on the external screen.

It is obvious here that if for one reason or another you bring fresh air into the inside of your mask, it will meet your internal glass hot, due to your facial heat, and therefore create a thermal shock .

Thermal shock (thermal bridge) is the meeting of two radically opposed temperatures on a common conductor. Here your common conductor is the internal glass.

So do not bring fresh air from outside. Once on the face, do not lift your mask in play, which can be especially dangerous for your eyes.

Because if you do it once, the fresh air will rush in and beat against the hot internal glass and create a thermal shock and also fog.

You will therefore fall into a vicious spiral in which you will not be able to undo, that is to say, lift the mask to wipe the internal misted glass every 5 minutes, and this, will maintain the thermal shock bringing you some fog.

In fact, you fuel your fogging by doing that. So, we take the mask out of the case and put it on the eyes quite quickly by adjusting your setting and no touching it anymore.

Do not give the internal screen time to get fresh air because when you're going to heat up on it playing, well :

heat of your face + cool air from outside on your internal screen = thermal shock.

And there you enter the spiral. To get rid of this spiral, return to the neutral zone, repeat the maintenance with the washing up liquid and return to play.


How to move from the classic UE to the TAIPAN, how to install the shields at the TAÏPAN reception and finally how to get back classic UE with a fixing bracket of the screen, broken.


NewHope mask Tuto : Screen / Shields / Straps 


KAAC mask Tuto : Screen / Shields / Straps


The universal glasses TAÏPAN :

Maintenance and use for models with smoked and yellow screen :

The screen is already treated against fogging, do not wash it with washing-up liquid (at the risk of damaging the treatment and long-term effectiveness ). Just use your microfiber pouch over to wipe the surface. The screen treated and the natural ventilation should warn you a maximum against the arrival of the fog.

Maintenance and use for models with photochromic and REVO screen :

Photochromic screens and REVO are not originally treated against fogging. Before each use, wipe off any dust or smudges on the surface of the screen, with the microfiber pouch of the glasses. Then take the white, chemical-treated microfiber towel and wipe the surface of the screen. A passage can warn you up against fogging for about ten hours. The effective life of this specific wipe is 800 passages on average.

Universal law to delay the the fog glasses: Make sure during use, not to have eyebrows in direct contact with the screen. Otherwise they bring directly sweat (with its acidity) coming from the forehead, on the glass. The formation of the fog come very quickly. To avoid having eyebrows in contact with the screen, you need to create a space between the two by playing with the noze-pad of your glasses or with the screen inclination thanks to the height of the branches above the ears.