This advice area is full of information but very essential to know if you want best experience as player to fight fog.

For sure Airsoft is fun and attractive that's why we just rush into this hobby without asking questions.

However Skyairsoft promise one thing : Courage you will have to read all next lines could give you have to know about fogging up and all keys to avoid it the longest is possible.

                                                                                         Imagine you're Indiana Jones and to get " Graal " you must go on till the end !!!     


This information page is just intented to players with glasses eye protection ( Mask type ) and not for players with Mesh eye protection. Effectively, fogging is not a problem for Mesh eye protection but you'll meet others problems. It's another topic.

All the words that will follow is a compendium of several sites specialized on the properties of sweating and its consequences, as well as the glasses of our eye protection and their technicality.

What all players should know


It's very important to know universal rules about glasses eye protection's properties, whatever treatment about anti fog ( anti fog product - fan - thermal screen et etc ) and whatever hobbies ( Airsoft - diving - skiing - motorbike etc etc ).

The physical and wheather conditions on someone could be important to sweat and fogging up on your glasses eye protection.

" Sweat = Fog "

Universal rules about glasses :

Link Here : To know absolutely

Universal rules about physical conditions about people, weather conditions and consequences on Glass/Miror/lens/screen :

Link Here : To know absolutely

Another natural and meteorological phenomenon :

Link Here : To know absolutely

Your head port setting can be critical :

Link Here : To know absolutely

Conclusion :

Have clean glasses eye protection for your Airsoft day. Be physically and mentally rest. Have a clean digestion and finally find the good setting for your head to let it correctly breath.

With all these information, you will give you the best chance to delay fog the longest is possible. Fog will come sooner or later according to the respect of these rules, but it will come anyway. 

We just try to fight and push back fog as long as possible. GLASSES EYE PROTECTION IS NOT 100 % ANTI-FOG. THE GOAL IS TO GET CLOSER !!!

As we told you, our activity is great and we are all excited the day before a game, to find buddies the next day to have fun. Only most of us start the party the day before precisely. Each has its own way of doing it. Good meal, alcohol, late wake etc etc. If in addition you inflict the driving in the morning to go on your airsoft battlefield you will have more problems !

You think to get in shape on the battlefield simply because the excitement of being there makes you feel it. This is false in fact your body will actually make you pay for it by bothering your vision. Sweating = Fog

Mesh eyes protection wearers can do what you want the day before, this will not affect your eye protection. You will have other far more serious problems ...