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1 / Camo Strap Mask

The main caracteristic of our masks is the new idea of camouflage straps you'll find just with Skyairsoft in the world. We are the really first and only one doing this. Suggest an alternative to the black strap.

Why ?

Because we just want finally break the old codes, the idea you always had since severals years : " Black is traditional camouflage's color "

It's wrong on the contrary !!!

Effectively, according to the color code of the perception of the human eye, black and white are the two ultimate colors on which your eyes focus in priority in natural environments such as forest, arid and desert areas. The black here predominates all other colors on the visual focus.

You can therefore do this visual test 1000 times and each time your eyes will focus first on the dark colors and also black priority.

For example :


So ? Where did your eyes go first? On the black strap of course you can not deny it. On the right picture for example, in the center, you have spotted a black dash. Yes it is the black strap of the mask of your enemy. But if you saw him, his pair on the right wearing a Sky-Desert mask with desert strap, was invisible.

Bluffing not?

You want it on video ?

Black in natural environment is bad !!!

So when you are in game, if you wear a mask with a black strap, you have to know that this one is easy to see more than 50 meters for your enemy. Yes !!! When you observe an area, when you are unmoving it is your head that protrudes from a tree trunk or a bush. Then your enemy will see a black line in the distance and will go back to it twice to discover that it's the black strap of your mask placed on your head. And your position is now a target.

Tests are formal for any distance in our activity, wearing a strap of the same camouflage that your head gear according to the environment allows you to be much more discreet when you are stopped to observe.

WARNING : We would like to recall the golden rule.

It is first immobility that makes your invisibility !!!

You can have the best camouflage of the world, if you are seen moving you are spotted.

So, if you want to stay unmoving, get all the chances to be not spotted because of a black strap!

Concerning our straps work :

Our Straps are not the official patterns. These are reproductions for the simple reason that several brands offer you the equipment of the same camouflage. Also you can observe that from one brand to another this same camouflage does not have the same tones of colors. Our creations of straps are camouflages that allow to be superimposed correctly on all the tones of colors of camouflage of all the different brands. Finding the right middle ground to offer you is a hell of a job but so exciting. Thank you for helping us by listening to your advice.

Example : 

Below you will see on each picture, equipment (helmets and jackets), from different brands, and thus sporting different tones on the same camo. What will jump to your eyes at first is the black band that represents what your black mask strap overlooks your camouflage. In a second step our creation of strap superimposed on all equipment. As you can see, it sometimes comes out a little more on certain brands because of the middle ground that was explained to you above.

In any case, and here is what Skyairsoft is based on, the reason for our brand :

"Our camouflage straps will always be more discreet than the black straps."


2 / Our Mask have a thermal screen.

What is a thermal screen ?

Explanation here

3 / Effectiveness of Ultimate Edition against fog

Our mask was estimated after reports and calculations at a 95% efficiency against fogging.

Where does this result come from?

Well our mask went into test in February 2016 on several regions of the planet with several testers.


You have understood that these places have been chosen in order to push the tests in different environments to have all weather conditions. " Cold Areas / Temperate Aeas / Hot and Wet Areas "

So if we sum all the accumulated hours of play of all our thermal testers of all the regions, the cumulated hours of testers who had some fog, represent approximately 5% of the whole.

It should be noted that it's regions with high humidity levels such as Tropical territories " Tahiti-Gutane-Reunion " that dropped the statistics.

They are there to testify :

Here are the opinions of our thermal testers as well as the players who tested the Ultimate Edition:

Thermal testers since february 2016 here 

Players'opinions in real time : Here