TAÏPAN "R" DARK Light photochromic screen

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TAÏPAN "R" DARK Light photochromic screen Universal glasses

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Universal glasses TAÏPAN "R" DARK Light photochromic screen

"R" means Reinforced: New model with reinforced branches on the pivots.

This very light model (35 grams) in photochromic clear screen ANTI-UV400 will allow you to evolve perfectly in all areas thanks to its technology. Indeed, the photochromic screen has the property of tinting depending on the amount of ultraviolet (UV) to which it is subjected. When the UV exposure disappears, the screen gradually returns to its clear state in a few seconds.

The TAÏPAN glasses are equipped with a light photochromic lens called "useful photochomic": Under full sun, the panoramic screen will become darker so as never to be obstructed visually no matter the solar density, and, in same time, even under strong UV, will remain in light shade so that it can once again evolve into a dark zone (buildings-forests or others), without being caught off guard. 

The light photochromic is perfect for all fast transitions "sun-sheltered without UV / sheltered without UV-sun" because the tint time is 20/30 seconds and time to return to the clearest screen is 1 minute.

French review with english subtitles from l'antre du Dingo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unYzCqNBgI0&t=339s

This technology is perfect to go anywhere.

Category of use : Universal use. Suitable for :

- Professional / Amateur and sportive Ballistic protection

protection of industrial and amateur works

- Sport : Running, Biking...

- Driving for fast transitions "sun-sheltered without UV / sheltered without UV-sun"

Very good resistance against fogging thanks to the original treatment of the screen and natural ventilation.

TAÏPAN standarts : CE EN166 FT / ANSI Z87.1 / 5-3,1 FTKN

This model covers the eyes very well and prevents the projectile coming from 3/4 back, thanks, first, to its screen going to the temples, second, to its large branches.


Accessories coming soon :

- optical insert Lens correction adapter

Current product content :

- Case                                    - Universal TAÏPAN glasses            - Microfiber Pouch             - Anti-fog microfibre wipe                                                                                                                                                                    


+ Notice

Maintenance and use:

Photochromic screens and REVO are not originally treated against fogging. Before each use, wipe off any dust or smudges on the surface of the screen, with the microfibre pouch of the glasses. Then take the white, chemical-treated microfiber towel and wipe the surface of the screen. A passage can warn you up against fogging for about ten hours. The effective life of this specific wipe is 800 passages on average. Store this microfiber towel in its original plastic bag to preserve its effectiveness.

General Reminder: A pair of glasses remains fragile. It is very important when you are not using your product, that it be stored safely in its hard case.

Universal laws to delay the the fog glasses: Make sure during use, not to have eyebrows in direct contact with the screen. Otherwise they bring directly sweat (with its acidity) coming from the forehead, on the glass. The formation of the fog come very quickly. To avoid having eyebrows in contact with the screen, you need to create a space between the two by playing with the noze-pad of your glasses or with the screen inclination thanks to the height of the branches above the ears.